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The Team


Madyun Shahid, USMC (Ret)

Chief Executive Officer

Hidden Voices is a veteran owned, mission-oriented business team dedicated to bringing your past and present alive through First-Person Portrayals, Voice, and Research.

Madyun provides over 30 years of theater and speech experience. As a graduate of Northside  School of the Performing Arts in Atlanta, he studied method acting under Beverly Poitier-Henderson.


During his active duty period, Madyun was able to quench his thespian thirst by performing a first-person portrayal of a Montford Marine. Madyun was often called upon to perform for local community events, regional conventions, and the National Museum of the Marine Corps. 


Veronica Soria, M.Ed., M.A., 

USMC (Ret)

Chief Operating Officer

Veronica provides over 25 years of experience in Training, Instructional Design & Development, and narration. Veronica's passion for learning, teaching and storytelling has allowed her to bring raw information to life when designing and developing storytelling and instructional events.


Veronica’s performance in the classroom, along with added emotional scripting techniques, captivates the attention of her audience.

Veronica has spoken in many different forums and has been a narrator for Marine Corps Formal Schools graduations, retirements, and special events.  

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